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Kalamansi Books & Things, a Hawaii-based online store, is a reflection of Hawaii’s diversity. The book store was established to serve the reading interests of Filipinos, one of Hawaii’s largest ethnic groups, who comprise approximately 25% of the state’s population. We also hope to reach out globally to all who are interested in the Philippines. In the next months we will add items in our inventory that will complement the books such as gift items, collectibles, educational materials and other Filipiniana.

Primarily we sell books of value that are published in the Philippines, with an emphasis on Children’s Literature. We also offer a sampling of Filipino-American authors’ works, as well as selected out-of-print titles.

Books written in Tagalog, Ilokano, and other major Philippine languages are a part of our inventory. We regularly try to fill special requests for titles or subjects not in stock.

You may visit the store and browse, if you like, but please contact us first to make an appointment. You may also want to take a look at our Newsletters.

We publish catalogs two or three times per year, including our Books Catalog.

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