101 FILIPINO ICONS, Volumes 1 & 2

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The two volumes contain a comprehensive survey of people, places, things and events that make the Filipino unique.  All Filipinos–or those seeking to rediscover their heritage–will relate to these historical and cultural icons.   The 101 icons in each volume represent the Filipino persona, a part of Filipino history, or an aspect of Filipino culture that would make every Filipino proud.  Each of the icons are arranged historically, according to the time in history where they emerged as part of the Filipino’s consciousness.

Since the first volume could not cover all, a second one was prepared, with the sequel following the format established in the first volume.

Both volumes are 9 by 12 inches, fully illustrated with photographs and  appropriate graphics.  It is a good keepsake for families that want to perpetuate the Filipino culture: the icons in the book can serve as a tool to generate discussion, serve as a reference source or a device to trigger memories.

The volumes were edited by Ani Rosa Almario and Virgilio Almario, and published by Adarna House and Bench in 2009, softcover with color illustrations and archival photographs.  Adarna House is an established publisher of Filipino children’s literature while Bench is one of the Philippines’ top retailers.  The two companies have partnered on these two volumes — as Bench noted in the introduction–“to highlight what is best about being Filipino from our creativity and resourcefulness, to our unbreakable spirit…to create a book that will be a source of hope for Filipinos…” not just for those who remained in the Philippines, but for all including those in the Filipino Diaspora. Both volumes ($21.25 each) are available at Kalamansi Books & Things (www.bookbook.com).  For more  information, email <kalamansibooks@gmail.com> or call 808 358-2868 or 808 239-6365 (landline).

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